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The Klinche founders developed proprietary technology to create an equitable online marketplace revolutionizing the land development process. Here’s why…

No owner should be stuck with a $171,000 invoice because a subcontractor files for bankruptcy.

Our founders quickly realized no current software protects from financial mishaps in the owner to supplier pipeline. So they set out to change this. While creating software that eliminates financial risk, they also discovered opportunities to capitalize on data collection and computer intelligence. Klinche was born!

The Story of Klinche: Past, Present and Future


Klinche is Born

They identified a need for a safe secure and guaranteed payment process. They personally experienced the flaws in the current payment systems when their customer, a lending institution, was found liable for a $171,000 invoice. How can this happen…simple. The current construction payment process allowed a subcontractor to file bankruptcy without paying the suppliers, leaving the lender liable for the unpaid supplier invoices.
The founders realized the traditional transactional process created financial risk and inefficiencies. Klinche solved this problem by developing proprietary technology to create an equitable online marketplace revolutionizing payment transactions, especially those involving two or more parties.
Klinche’s proprietary software offers innovative solutions to reducing risk of non-payment, protects assets and simplifies the payment process. The bottom line? Everyone gets paid.


Growing the Klinche Software Capabilities

Klinche’s software engineers began developing proprietary software to capitalize on the massive amounts of data being shared throughout the financial process. Klinche started developing technology utilizing machine learning and predictive analysis technology to forecast individual project issues, predict industry trends and coordinate portfolio management. 2018 is anticipated to be an extremely exciting year with these capabilities completely developed and live.

Growing the Klinche Team

Michael Schmahl, Chief Executive Officer, Joel Weingarten, Product Designer and Jay Goswami Lead Software Engineer joined Klinche.  The Klinche leadership team has the right combination of industry expertise, technology start-up experience and passion to develop Klinche not just a leader, but an innovator, in the construction finance industry.


Looking To The Future

Klinche’s near future includes innovative machine learning and predictive analytics. This technology will bring the construction finance process past the present technologies of spreadsheets and email and into a new era of future forecasting.

Klinche’s leadership and development teams are listening to the financial and construction industries to develop additional added-value features to the Klinche software. We are dedicated to supporting and advancing new technologies for our clients.

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