Klinche Graduates From the BRIIA Program

Congratulations to Klinche for completing the BRIIA start-up accelerator program. We are excited to announce our successful completion of the 12 week immersion start-up accelerator program at Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator (BRIIA). Klinche received valuable one-on-one mentoring on such key concepts as “defining your business category” and fundability.

The BRIIA program was instrumental in creating focus and direction during its once a week, 5-hour sessions. Workshops included sessions on investor relations, message and brand development, internal business strategies and market analysis. Sessions were not only informative, but also collaborative utilizing a round-table format. Key mentors from the greater bay area brought knowledge and insight to the program, while challenging Klinche to apply the concepts in real-time to reinforce key concepts.

Defining Business Category

After participating in BRIIA’s 12-week boot-camp, Klinche was successful in defining and confirming their business category as “Construction Finance Optimization”. This 5-step process involved research, validation, defining, and communicating the category. This process validated our hypothesis of how and where Klinche can compete in the construction finance category. At completion of the program, Klinche had clear focus and a calculated plan, on how to effectively move into this industry category. The plan included defining business strategies, revising business messaging, adjusting the marketing blueprint and retooling the collateral and website www.klinche.com.


During the BRIIA program, Klinche had real-time feedback from industry leader mentors and fellow start-ups in developing investor pitches and presentations. Key data elements, pitch delivery, and messaging were strategically maximized to capitalize on the investor’s needs. Suggestions on the type of data to focus on, how to present this data with clear and concise graphics and how to present oneself and it’s company to an investor, were given on a weekly basis. This allowed Klinche to sharpen our pitch and be successful on “Demo Day”.

Demo Day

After 12-weeks of working with experts to retool messaging, define our category and perfect our pitch, Klinche was ready for Demo Day. On Dec. 5th, Klinche intrigued the audience with a solid (7-minute) presentation. As a result, Klinche made connections with several potential investors. A successful ending to a remarkable program.

What is BRIIA?

BRIIA opened in September 2017 as the Bay Area’s first integrated data innovation accelerator and collaboration community. BRIIA provides early-stage entrepreneurs with the resources to start and grow companies that are fueled by machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and related technologies. For more information on BRIIA, visit briia.io.
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