Part 1: What is a Pre-Lien?

A required Preliminary Notice (Pre-Lien) varies by state, and not all states require one, so it is the responsibility of the contractor and customer to understand the laws. In order to protect your company and reputation amongst other contractors, a quick and accurate turnaround on a Pre-Lien is your best route. A Pre-Lien is a legal document served by the “claimant” that notifies allhands on deck that he/she will provide labor and/or needed materials for a work of improvement to a property. Needed for all engagements of these types of business, it’s a necessity, and there is no way to get around it in most states.

Who is this “claimant” you speak of?

Glad you asked! Anyone who furnishes equipment and materials or provides a work of improvement. These notices are usually filed by contractors, subcontractors, and material and equipment suppliers. Then, Pre-Liens are generally served to property owners and general contractors. It’s a way for all parties involved to have transparency and accountability, by using Klinche, Pre-Liens are in one place, and 100% accurate.

Speaking of Klinche…

Klinche allows for everyone to have insight into the Pre-Lien process. Customers know who is working on their property and the expectations of the contractor, and contractors have the accountability of the property owner. Klinche keeps everyone accountable, streamlines the Pre-Lien process, and brings all information and parties to one place of cohesion. Further, with Pre-Liens built into the Klinche platform, fluidity for each job increases, allowing for faster turnaround time for new business opportunities..

Why do I need Klinche’s Pre-Liens?

On the contractor side, Pre-Liens are notorious for being a pain and an outdated process with a lot of paperwork and chase-down of people. As a contractor, the voice in the back of your head immediately jumps to the first order of business, the dreaded filing of the preliminary notice. Does the old-fashioned way of losing time and sanity sound familiar? Klinche has a new-school industry standard built and tailored to all of your Pre-Lien needs. With state-specific Pre-Liens and guaranteed legal validity, the dirty work is done for you and all under your watch. One more thing, Pre-Liens are the tip of the iceberg for the services we provide.