It’s that time of year again- tax season! We know filing taxes can be a daunting task, and filing online could be stressful. As with all of your other online payments, you want to make sure your tax and personal information stay private and secure when filing.

Here are some ways to stay safe this tax season:

  • Do not file your tax return on a public wifi network. Complete your online tax return at home on your private network.
  • Make sure your operating system is up to date with all the latest software releases.
  • Use additional security features like Multi-Factor Authentication and Touch ID provided by tax companies that are approved by the government.
  • Do not open emails or attachments from companies who are claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). There is an increase of phishing attacks during tax season and the IRS would never ask for personal or tax information over email. Instead, certified letters are sent by mail.
  • Remember to file before April 18th to avoid incurring a fee or an audit!

Stay prepared and safe with these simple tips!


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