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Lets Build Something Great Together with…

Predictive Analytics

Consolidated Draw Requests

Real-Time Payment Processing

Machine Learning Technologies

An Innovative Approach To…

reducing risk, increasing efficiency, providing transparency and gaining peace of mind throughout the entire construction process.

Receive advanced notice of project short comings and maturity date extensions using predictive analytics. Utilize machine learning technology to forecast industry trends using data analysis for accurate, object and on-trend decision making.

Klinche software supports an environment of known agendas, collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making. Customized dashboards for real-time and daily evaluations available to everyone down the entire construction chain from the property owners to the suppliers.

Klinche software easily integrates into your current systems. Quickly train team members and increase work capabilities and capacity in minutes to avoid work slow-down during staff absences.

Security is Klinche’s top priority.  Sleep easy knowing we use AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standards)  for fast, secure and accurate multi-party direct payments and document control. All your pre-liens, budgets, invoices and waivers are organized, accessible, searchable and secure 24/7, giving you immediate access and peace of mind.

Overworked, overwhelmed, and under staffed. Don’t worry, your solution is here…

Reduce Risk

Multi-Party direct payments, automated workflows and objective forecasts to reduce risk and keep the build process moving forward.

Increase Efficiency

Intelligent software to analyze statistical data for automating procedures, predicting trends and forecast opportunities.

Gain Peace of Mind

Stay ahead of delays, budget issues and staff interruptions with easy software integration and project forecasting capabilities.

Provide Transparency

Supporting an environment of known agendas, collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

Discover Klinche’s benefits for each step of the construction finance process


Board of Directors

Sherratt Reicher
Chairman and Co-Founder

George Morf
Vice Chairman and Co-Founder


Les Schmidt
BRIAA: Business Strategist


The Klinche Story

The Klinche founders developed proprietary technology to create an equitable online marketplace revolutionizing the land development process. Here’s why…

No owner should be stuck with a $171,000 invoice because a subcontractor files for bankruptcy.

Our founders quickly realized no current software protects from financial mishaps in the owner to supplier pipeline. So they set out to change this. While creating software that eliminates financial risk, they also discovered opportunities to capitalize on data collection and computer intelligence. Klinche was born!

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